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The new design label: Fluxus Fashion

Fluxus, the concept of using unorthodox materials and thus challenging conventional perceptions, did not only have a major influence in art. 



In the world of fashion as well famous designers have already presented individual creations which were clearly inspired by fluxus: dresses made of plastic or small pieces of wood (foto right site), for instance, and jewellery made of saw blades or pieces of broken glass. In most cases these creations were quite difficult to wear, however, kept back from general public and at the best ended up in a museum.



Fluxus Fashion picks up the principles of fluxus art and combines these with design trends of today. Thus the creations become wearable for everyone. An inventive mix of materials and an individual design merge into a new and exclusive ensemble.

The main focus of Fluxus Fashion is performing designer workshops where the interactive process of designing fashion and jewellery becomes a most creative experience.

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