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Re-Re-Art of the 21st Century

From the remainders of garment-remainders (re-re) used in workshops and in fashion tuning Fluxus Fashion is creating unique material-collages and objects.

Found objects of everyday use merge with "noble" material into most specific vintage jewellery.

Please visit the current art exibitions of Jana Bohl

Exibition "hanging on the Fluxus Line"

June 12 - 22 2010, Tongewölbe Ingolstadt Theresienstr. 24,

Art Triennale 2009/2010, Tallinn

group exibition in November 2009, Jana Bohl is the only German jewellery designer presenting at Tallinn, Estonia,

Exibition "Nachwachsende Schmuckstoffe"

November 10 until Dezember 24, 2009, Vernissage Nobember 10 at 7 p.m., Ökologisches Bildungszentrum, Englschalkinger Str. 166, U4 Arabellapark

Munich Exibition "Fluxus Tee Time"

Opening: Saturday November 07, 2009 at 5 p.m. in Stuttgart at fashion galery´NA UND, Calwer Straße 41

Exibitions at Global Art & Design

Vernissage, November 27, 2009, 7 p.m., Ismaning, Gutenbergstr.2

Group Exibitions "the girls can´t help it"

June 19- July 16 2009, Galerie Richter Masset, Würmtalstr. 20, Munich,

Exibition "Circus Fluximus"

March 5-8, 2009, Galerie Dina 4 Projekte, Theresienstraße 51, Munich Exibition "Material Woman", Vernissage 27.11.2008, 19.00, Galerie Linckx, Gabelsbergerstr. 71, München FlowerPower - Zeitgenössischer Schmuck - innovative Gestaltung, curated group exibition, September 1.- 20., 2008, Mainz, oppening: August 30, 2008, 15.00

(also see additional activities of Fluxus Fashion under news)

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