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In the beginning there was an idea: fluxus art

Fluxus is known as a movement in art from the 60-ies and 70-ies which still has an influence on contemporary art. Internationally prominent artists such as George Maciunas, Al Hansen, Nam June Paik, Yoko Ono or Joseph Beuys belonged to fluxus art.

One characteristic of this movement is to include apparently strange materials in their pieces of art.


The concept of fluxus is to demonstrate that even simple, ordinary things may hide beauty and to sharpen senses in order to discover most aesthetic values through creative compositions.

In addition fluxus intends to pull down the barriers between art and beholder by means of fluxus boxes, multiples and interactive happenings. However, in contrast to this intention, the works of fluxus art today can only be seen within top-class art collections or in important museums.

Did fluxus turn luxury?

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