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Jana Bohl

after her MBA she gained long time experience in leadership positions within human relations, as creative trainer and as designer. She is the creative brain of the new design concept from Munich. Since years she is creating and producing individual pieces of fashion and exceptional jewellery characterized by a most unorthodox mix of materials.

She transfers the concept of re-designing fashion to Germany. Used luxury-fashion gets refinement and thus turns into unique pieces of Third Hand Couture.

Jana Bohl is a member of the federal Berufsverband Design e.V.

In fluxus art she discovered the cultural counterpart to her creations which eventually initiated the development of the design concept of fluxus fashion.

Old turns into new, simple turns into precious and valuable into exclusive – this is the credo of her concept. She attracts people who are open to discover new aesthetics, people who like to be inspired.

Flux your style.


"Fashion may change, the style remains"
Yves Saint Laurent

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