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One essential element in fluxus art is the happening, i.e. taking an interactive approach in order to create something new. The Japanese artist Taketo Saito introduced already in 1963 the concept of "playing" within the fluxus world in order to stimulate creative power in human beings.

Fluxus Creative Workshops seize this suggestion: these workshops offer "fitness training for creativity".

In a casual fluxus-inspired atmosphere small groups of attendees create unique pieces from brought along articles of clothing. Each designed piece gets the Fluxus Fashion label.

Alternatively pieces of jewellery or accessories are created. They suprise by beauty and individual style due to creative combination of unorthodox materials.

Pieces, which not only catch attendence but which also make the owner very sexy.

¨Everyone is an artist.¨ (Joseph Beuys)

¨Everyone is a designer.¨ (Jana Bohl)

If you are interested in the whole program of fashion/accessories and jewellery-workshops, please send an email at jana(at)


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